About Us

Grippy Sports was founded in pre season just before the 2021/22 football season, by two local non-league footballers and ex-premier league physio who want to improve their own football performance as much a possible, because to be quite honest, naturally we're distinctly average.

With a combined playing "career" of over 25 years, we've gone through the annoying changing room problems like passing your sock tape round the whole squad seconds after buying it on the way to the ground and slipping around in your new football boots in the naff plastic socks in the kit bag whilst wearing your brand new boots - giving you blisters of death in the first week of pre season.

Our aim is to bring you the best quality grip socks at a reasonable price, not like the £50 pairs that aren't much better than any others. We also have had enough of using rubbish electrical tape from Tesco on the way to the game when you nip to grab a Lucozade. But luckily we've found a great company and have arranged a partnership to bring you tape that sticks for the full 90 minutes.

But anyway, that's enough of us. Thanks for coming! We hope you find our products useful.

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Team Grippy.


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