Why do footballers cut their socks?

Why do footballers cut their socks?

If you're new to football or even if you just haven't worn grip socks before, you might wonder why footballers cut their socks - or why the bottoms of their socks always look white?

This is because they're wearing football grip socks. Simply put, these are normal calf length socks but with rubber grips added to the bottom to provide players with extra grip inside their boots. There are a number of benefits of wearing grip socks such as reducing their likelihood of getting blisters and other more serious injuries, improving sprint speed and agility, reducing sweating and increasing comfort - to name a few.

You might have seen this image going viral on Twitter:

Cut ripped football socks


Managers, kit men and football club owners all around the country must hate it... but cutting socks to wear grip socks really does make a massive difference! You don't know until you've tried it!

Here's out demonstration of how to wear grip socks:


@grippyfootball How to wear your football grip socks. Do you wear them? #footballgripsocks #gripsocks #gripsocks4l #football #nonleague #footballtiktok #risingballers ♬ Match of the Day - Theme Song - BBC Sport


Hopefully now you can see how to wear them - it's not just a fashion statement!

To keep the gaffer happy though, you can buy pre-cut football sock sleeves that are essentially just football socks without the feet part. These just slip straight over your grip socks and shin pads. You can order matching colours to your team's kit so they match.

We hope that helps to explain why footballers cut their socks! If you need to stock up on socks either because you've run out or you would like to try them to see what all the fuss is about, you can check out our range of grip socks below.



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