The special socks that are key to Kane’s success

The special socks that are key to Kane’s success


This week Harry Kane netted 7 times in just 2 games to secure England’s place in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. But what’s the key to his success for the Three Lions?

It’s common knowledge that Kane is a hard-working professional, which is supported by the fact he captains both England and Tottenham sides. There is no doubt he works hard in training, works closely with managers and backroom staff to ensure his tactical input is optimised and no doubt has his nutrition down to a tee. But there’s one more thing that football fans are noticing during his games that might help to give him the edge over his competition.

During England’s match against Andora this week where Kane scored another hat trick for England, he was wearing socks that did not match all of his other team mates. They were white and seem to be different from the rest of the blue strip.



The socks Harry was wearing were football grip socks. A relatively new piece of kit that helps optimise a players performance easily, simply by wearing them during matches and training. The socks are thicker than the traditional football kit socks to provide padding against football boots. But most importantly, they have several rubber grips along the sole of the socks which provide players with additional support when playing.

Traditional football socks can become quite slippy within football boots and when you’re playing at the highest level, small excessive inconveniences like that can cause dips in performance.

The socks reduce risk of injury due to the grip reducing micro movements within a player’s boots, as well and helping the athletes twist and turn faster, jump higher and accelerate quicker.

How to football grip socks work? Benefits of football grip socks

They have been worn by increasing amounts of players not only in the sport’s top flight leagues, but all the way down to a grassroots level with players of all abilities noticing the difference the socks make.

Football grip socks are worn as normal socks, and then the football kit’s socks must be cut to just above the ankle. The socks are then secured in place and connected by football sock tape.

Elite-level football is all about small margins, and if wearing football grip socks gives Kane a 1% boost to help England succeed at major tournaments, then we’re all in favour… Let’s get some for Gareth… every little helps!!

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