Blisters in pre season - how to avoid them

Blisters are a frustrating but inevitable part of pre season. Warmer weather, new boots and hard ground is a recipe of sort feet. Although a minor injury on the face of things.. blisters can keep you sidelined or at least make match day really uncomfortable!

Luckily, there's a few little tips and tricks we can share with you, to help prevent blisters when it comes to kick off.

How to avoid blisters at football

Wear the right boots

During the summer months, the ground is hard. It's probably a good idea to wear moulded football boots which help with the impact of running and playing on the rock hard surfaces. In the winter months when the ground becomes a little softer, swapping to studs can help with more grip and can be comfier, too.

Wear new football boots in

We're all the same. When a new pair of boots comes through the post, we just want to swear them and get straight onto the pitch. But wearing them in around the house even for just an hour a day for a few days can help soften the materials so they're not so harsh on your feet when you first wear them to play. Just sitting in them, waggling your toes can help soften the material which is a massive help.

You can even get a shoe stretch spray to spray onto your boots which helps soften them up.

Use blister plasters

You might think this is obvious when you already have a blister, and it can be really helpful to wear blister plasters to prevent yours getting worse. But you can wear them on your heel before you even get a blister or any irritation. They're a great preventative tool, especially if you know the ground is hard, it's warm so your feet will sweat and you are going to be wearing a new pair of boots, meaning blisters are likely.

Wear grip socks

Finally, the ultimate cheat code to avoiding platers is to wear football grip socks. They are specifically designed to tackle the common causes of blisters as mentioned above:

  • Breathable material to prevent excess sweating which causes friction against your boots
  • Additional grip to your boot to reduce any movement of your foot which causes it to rub and irritate the skin
  • Extra padding around the heel which is a high risk area of blisters

These are just a few benefits of wearing grip socks but the list goes on. If you've never worn them before, trust me they are a game changer.

If you already wear grip socks, you'll know how important they are. Players often wonder what the fuss is about until they try them... then they never go back.

You can get a pair of our popular grip socks for just £9.99 or tae advantage of our 3-pack deal for just £20. Stock up now and prevent blisters forever!


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