5 Best Gifts for Footballers in 2023

With the season well underway and Christmas just around the corner, we all know some who is football crazy. So if you're looking for the best football stocking fillers, we've come up with 5 fantastic gift ideas for footballers this season. These come from our favourite brands who make great products every football fanatic would love.


1. Custom Shin Pads

Personalised Football Shin Pads

Everyone has to wear shin pads as part of the game. So why not turn this into a fun little customised gift? You could have a memorable photo printed on them or maybe their club logo? You could even get their favourite team printed on them to really get the changing room going!

There are plenty of sellers on Etsy selling personalised shin pads, for reasonable prices.


2. Boot Buddy Football Boot Cleaner

Football Boot Cleaner Boot Buddy

A lot of football clubs fine players for dirty boots. Maybe not the younger players, but definitely in adult football! So save them a few £'s by getting them this cool boot cleaner by Boot Buddy, a great football stocking filler.

It has a brush one side and scraper the other and you can fill it with water to spray through the brush while you're cleaning off the mud. There's no point spending £100's on boots to wear them caked in brown sludgey mud is there?!

It's a really handy football boot cleaner which is effective in keeping your boots squeaky clean.


3. Soccer Supplement Player Packs

Supplements for Football Soccer Supplement

Soccer supplement is a company which you might expect, sell supplements for footballers. These range from pre match drinks, to half time gels, post match recovery shakes and daily vitamins.

They support some of the world's biggest footballing names including Harry Kane and Paolo Dybala along with a number of Premier League teams such as Crystal Palace, Wolves and West Ham.

Their player packs are essentially bundles of supplements for footballers and are available in a range of prices depending on what you need. Some of our team have personally used the products several times and would definitely recommend them to players of any level.



4. Custom Football Kit

Custom Football Shirts SWAZ

These custom football kits from SWAZ are pretty cool. They're great for a 6-a-side team, stag do or just anyone who wants to make their own kit. They are fully customisable and have 100's of templates to choose from.

Pick the style, colours and add a name, badge and/or sponsor logo onto them. You can literally make your own football kit from scratch. How cool?


5. Football Grip Socks

White Football Grip Socks by Grippy Sports

Football grip socks are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. It would be rare for less than 80% of professional footballers to be wearing them during a match. You've only got to put the Premier League on, on a Saturday afternoon to see all of them wearing cut socks, with white grip socks on!

Benefits of grip socks include blister protection, better ball control, faster sprints and even a reduction in injuries! You can take advantage of our offer today and order 3 pairs and we'll knock off the price of the third, so you only pay the price of 2! Order this perfect football stocking filler below.


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hello,I play for hull city academy u14s and I get blisters quite frequently and just wondered is grip socks something I should consider?
yours sincerely Nathan ⚽️

Nathan Cunningham

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