13 Benefits of Wearing Football Grip Socks

13 Benefits of Wearing Football Grip Socks

Have you ever looked closely at the feet and kits of professional football players? Over recent seasons, there has been in increase in certain types of clothes and other accessories that are essential to wear during a football match, and grip socks are one of the most noticeable and effective in improving the performance of players of all levels. Below, we discuss the benefits of wearing football grip socks. 

The Benefits of Wearing Football Grip Socks

Wearing football grip socks can help you improve your overall performance by improving your ball control, agility and speed. It thus makes it easier to strike the ball effectively, improving passing range over long distances with the right amount of power and accuracy. You can also improve your overall game from athleticism to technical ability. You will never have to worry about running around the pitch as long as you wear these socks when your train and compete.

Moreover, it helps to reduce the chance of any potential knee or ankle injuries which can be caused in non-contact situations, since players are able to be more confident in their footing and balance, knowing that they've got a good grip on the ground. You will have seen several players roll their ankle or slip and strain a muscle. Wearing football grip socks therefore, is a perfect investment when it comes to improving your overall game. Here are some great benefits of wearing football grip socks that we will discuss in detail.

Maintains Temperature Of Your Feet

Football grip socks help you prevent inflammation and swelling of your feet by keeping your feet warm, dry, and comfortable during cold weather conditions, as well as providing enough ventilation to avoid excessive sweating. This makes it easier to run around the field without feeling uncomfortable.

Foot and Ankle Support

How many times do we see a player lose their footing and either miss a tackle, lose the ball or misplace a pass or shot? Wearing football grip socks can provide better ankle support and improve the way you move and strike the ball. A solid foundation and contact with the ground is where everything starts. It also helps protect your ankles and knees because grip socks have small rubber nodules along the bottom of the foot which helps grip your foot to your boot and avoids any excess movement. You are essentially playing with the control of playing barefooted... with the support of our boots.

Better Grip of The Ball

Our football grip socks provide better traction when playing football because of their rubberised surface, which increases traction during such activities as passing, kicking, tackle, and the micro movements and direction changes throughout the game. Grip socks also provide a better feel of the football by providing better foot-boot connection which helps during all aspects of the game. They are designed to make sure that your feet fit inside the shoes perfectly, with limited movement. Imagine wearing your partner's high heels in a size above... your feet would be slipping and sliding all over the shop... grip socks essentially stop that happening, kind of.

Improved Circulation Of Blood In Your Feet

When you play sports, your feet should be kept warm, dry, and comfortable all the time so that the blood circulation should be increased in your feet to keep them healthy. This helps again with injury prevention, protecting the small muscles, ligaments and tendons in your feet; and more importantly up into your ankle which traditional is one of the most commonly injured part of the body in footballers. The football grip socks help raise your blood circulation by providing extra support and warmth, which can be extremely beneficial on those cold days in January when you've got 2 games a week for the whole month to catch up with called off games in December!

Football grip socks help to prevent swelling and pain in your feet because of the added comfort and improved blood flow mentioned above. This enhancement in both blood circulation and temperature benefit not only your feet but also into your legs, giving you a boost in energy and adding more strength through improved muscular function and again providing additional injury prevention benefits.

Injury Prevention During Games and Training

The football grip socks provide better traction and comfort so that you have a better grip on the ground. Having control of the ball starts with having control of your feet. An experienced strength and conditioning coach once said to me, "if you can't run without the ball, you're not going to be able to run with the ball"; and it stuck with me ever since. Mainly when I'm throwing up during pre season shuttles, but I guess it applies here too. If you've got control of your feet and are moving around the pitch with agility, passing or going into tackles becomes much less complex. They help prevent injuries by minimising the risk of slipping like doing the splits when you try to check and change direction... which is a groin pain I'm sure you're all familiar with! The compression aspect of the ankle fabric also adds an additional barrier which can help with ankle stability issues.

Reduces Discomfort When Wearing New Boots

I'm yet to meet a player who hasn't at some point in their playing career suffered from blisters when they've got new boots, most commonly in pre season when the weather is warm, you're working hard in the heat and sweating from head to toe and the ground is rock hard. A lot of players complain about feeling discomfort in new football boots. However, football grip socks can reduce discomfort on your feet when wearing boots or running trainers during road running sessions because of their extra cushioning around the sole along with the support provided by the special rubber grips which increases traction and help keep your feet from slipping inside your footwear, during wet or dry conditions during a match or training.

Makes It Easier To On Your Feet For A Long Time

Football grip socks contain an anti-blister design and provide comfort to your feet when standing, running or training for long periods of time by absorbing the pressure and stress from your feet as well as your ankles. This means they are beneficial for players of all positions, from goalkeepers all the way up the pitch; no matter how much running your position requires around the pitch. Anyone that's been involved in a game that's lasted longer than 90 minutes like a cup game or just a long training session, will understand your feet are just as painful as any other part of the body. If these socks can help that, that's one less thing to worry about!

Minimise Sweating

Despite keeping your feet warm and cushioned, grip socks help keep your feet from sweating during sports or physical activities because of the fabric that is made from breathable soft stretchy material which allows air circulation within the sock itself. This helps to keep your feet cool and dry even during summer months when you're sweating like a centre half in a one-on-one with Leo Messi.

Prevent Foot Problems

Good quality socks provide extra comfort and support to your feet and ankles by helping to absorb the shocks that may occur while playing the game. Otherwise, serious foot issues can occur when engaging in activities like tackle, kicking, or going for a pass, or going after a ball. They also help with fungal issues by absorbing moisture and allowing your feet to breathe.

Better Grip On The Ground

The football grip socks provide better traction and comfort that enhance your grip on the ground. This not only keeps you from slipping but also gives you an edge against the other players. The increased grip to the ground means you can accelerate and decelerate quicker, making changing direction and sprinting after a ball or player much easier. Even if another player tries to knock you down to the ground, you will be in a better position to resist them by using your sturdy stance.

Give Your Feet A Little Extra Support

Football Grip Socks provide a lot of support to the feet since they help take some of the pressure off them when playing. With this, you will be able to get the most out of your feet throughout the season. Moreover, they also prevent skin-related or joints related issues that often affect football players.

Keep Your Knees Protected

Speaking from our physio-experience now, one huge risk factor for knee injury is the position of your ankle, knee and hip. If one of them is in the wrong position, your risk of knee ligament damage is significantly increased. On a side note, the simple anatomical differences in hip positions between male and female players means females are more at risk of suffering an ACL injury in their career. So to relate this to grip socks, if you can insure your foot position is correct and will not be slipping or sliding in and out, that has a knock on effect on both your knee and hip position - reducing injury risk.

Improves Your Game

The football grip socks are designed to provide you with better control of the ball when playing football, rugby, tennis, netball or any other sport by not slipping on wet or dry surfaces. Wearing grip socks may improve your game tremendously. This is why you should wear football grip socks at all times when you play. Wearing football grip socks will help you make every second count. It really is a low cost purchase that can help you in so many departments.

What Happens When You Are Not Wearing Football Grip Socks?

We won't lie, it's not like you'll turn into Bambi on ice if you wear the standard kit socks or even just a pair of normal sports socks at training. But We can promise that you'll notice a real difference if you've never tried them and you wear them for just one session.

You should always take precautionary measures by wearing football grip socks during your games, whether it is an official league game or a fun afternoon pick-up game with your friends. These socks will give you a firm grip on the ground, keeping your ankles and knees protected from shock and impact when you land on them during play. Not wearing football grip socks can lead to a lot of trouble. The most common issues include getting injured severely.

Professional Players Use Them

Football grip socks are quite popular nowadays, especially among professional players. A lot of players use them during their games because they provide extra comfort and support to the feet, keeping them dry and away from slipping on wet surfaces like grass or concrete. It is no secret that professional players work hard every day in order to improve their game. Football grip socks help improve your game by providing comfort and support during your games.

How to pick the Ideal Football Grips Socks

Without being biased of course... When choosing football grip socks, you should look no further than our Grippy non-slip football socks. We have a number of colours available to match your kit with move colours coming soon to match those extra funky away kits that keep cropping up! You will surely find the best one for you. White is always a safe bet though. But don't forget to grab some of our premium sock tapes too. We've got your standard sock tape which is must better than the stuff from the local electrical supply shop and actually sticks to your socks for a full 90 minutes. We've also got sock wrap for those of you who fancy yourself as a bit baller. Does the same job but is maybe a bit less restrictive. Whichever your after, you can find it in our sports tapes and strapping section where you can either make a one-off purchase for the season, or subscribe and we'll deliver it to you every month to keep your kit bag stocked up.

Check What’s Inside

The inside of our football grip socks is made from a soft and stretchy material that provides lots of support to your feet while also keeping them cool and dry during playing games outdoors. This allows air to circulate freely within the sock itself while keeping your feet cool and comfortable throughout each game.

Check the Grips

Football grip socks have sticky rubber grips along the base of the sock that keep your feet in place and prevent any slipping from happening within your footwear. These small grips are thin enough to go unnoticed whilst wearing them but strong enough to keep your socks firmly secured to your feet and boots throughout the game. This allows you to play freely without worrying too much about slipping on wet surfaces which can lead to injury, as discussed earlier.

Check for Comfort

When playing, there is obviously a lot of running involved but more importantly, a lot of directional changes. The average player makes tiny small sharp changes during a game, differing from position to position. You should therefore make sure that your grip socks are comfortable enough for you to wear them throughout an entire game without feeling uncomfortable at all. If you feel a little uncomfortable because the socks are not made well, it is best if you purchase a different brand or type of football grip socks that will be more comfortable and convenient for you. This is the exact reason we've tried them ourselves, as well as sending them to a number of professional and semi-professional players we've worked with in our careers to make sure they do the job, just how we envisaged when we were designing them

Choose the Right Size

Football socks are designed to give your feet the support they need. They are not meant to be worn within your shoes or shoes, but rather should be worn either underneath or over the top of your football kit's socks. If this is how you choose to wear them, just remember that it will obviously effectively double the thickness of your socks, which might make your football boots a bit of a tight squeeze. So you might have to be super prepared for that and order an extra size up.

However, we would recommend wearing them with cut-off football socks. This is where the foot part of the kit's socks is cut off to leave a small calf sleeve which conveniently fits between the grip socks and below your knee. These are then connected with sock tape. We'll upload the perfect guide to wearing them to our social media accounts (which you should definitely follow by the way!!). This method not only keeps everything in place, provides your feet and boots with the best grip, but also keeps your shin pads in-place which is both within the rules of the game, and extremely important to keep you off the physio'd treatment table!

Make Sure They’re Secure

As with any football socks, the first time you but them on they might feel a bit stiff. But that's because they've been sat on your shelves waiting for you to kindly order a pair and then shipped straight out to your door. But don't worry, that's completely normal as I'm sure you're aware and after a few minutes of the warm up, these socks will soften up and become much more comfortable for wearing during play.


Some Questions about Football Grip Socks

People often ask some questions about grip socks. Here are some of those questions you might have in mind. You can find a couple more specifically about our products and order processes on our frequently asked questions page.

How often do I need to wash my football grip socks?

Simply wash your football grip socks whenever they get dirty or sweaty. This will prevent bad odour and infections from forming on your feet since the dirt and sweat that collects inside the football grip socks will be washed away with soap and water. You can use mild antibacterial liquid soap and warm water to clean them regularly. They can be washed in your normal wash, but we'd advise not tumble drying them to increase the life span of the rubber pads on the bottoms - they wouldn't be much use if they lost their grip, hey!

What type of material is used in making these socks?

All grip socks are made from a soft and stretchy material that provides lots of support to your feet while also keeping them cool and dry during playing games outdoors. This allows air to circulate freely within the sock itself while keeping your feet cool and comfortable throughout each game. The grippy pads on the bottom are a form of sticky rubber.

Check out Our Football Grip Socks

When playing matches in front of a crowd (no matter how big or small), the first 5-10 minutes can be quite daunting. Having the best equipment on takes away one thing you have to worry about. This includes grip socks. Their comfort, injury prevention, practicality and performance enhancing benefits alone make them a cheap, cost ineffective purchase for anyone, even those that play indoor football one a week after work.

Our customers that have purchased football grip socks are very happy with their purchase which can be noticed in their products reviews on our product pages. We offer a wide variety of football grip socks for men at incredibly low prices, so you can get your hands on some right away without breaking your bank account. You can rely on our product 100% because it is designed by professionals with extensive years of experience in the industry, both from the playing and medical sides of the sport.

Several colours and more to come

We stock a range of colours to match your football kit colours. However we have an even wider range of tapes and strapping so you could always opt for our popular white pair and just link them up with tape of your clubs colours.

We are always will to keep our customers happy so if you need a colour that we don't stock, contact us and we'll see what we can do. We can also offer discounts for football/sports clubs who want to stock up for the whole squad. So again, get in touch and we will do our best to meet your needs. We'd love to see your club rocking our socks on a history-making FA Cup run! Maybe that's wishful thinking but we've got faith.

Regardless of what colour you choose, you will most certainly find this to be a great investment to make if you want to improve your overall game and reduce your risk of injuries at the same time. Have a scroll at our products, and don't forget to join our Boot Room loyalty scheme to earn points and freebies as you shop!


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