Must Have Football Accessories For 2022

Footballers are very active, not to mention they are required to carry equipment at all times. They aren't just playing around with their feet either, but sometimes, they need a little extra support to get the job done. This blog will discuss some essential accessories you must have to ensure that your soccer play can continue smoothly without any interruptions in momentum.

Let’s discuss all the must-have football accessories that one should have while playing football:

Good Football Boots

When you are in the field, soccer shoes have to have the cushioning effect, otherwise, there is a high probability that you could be sidelined with injuries. Nothing can be more frustrating than an injury that will end up taking days off from playing. So, do not go for cheap shoes even if they look great. You are supposed to invest in good cleats that will give you the right support required for supporting your ankles and feet when running after the ball. Soccer cleats are very essential because without them you can't run fast to catch up with the ball or run properly to maintain momentum when trying to dribble away from your opponent's defense.

Types of Football Cleats 

If you're a serious football player, then you likely know the importance of having cleats that will not only stay securely on your foot but also support and protect your ankles and other joints. Football cleats are designed to provide traction when running or kicking a ball. They often have metal blades or studs on the bottom for increased grip in certain types of terrain. There are two main different types of football shoes: practice cleats and turf shoes for the game day. 

  • Practice Cleats

These are lightweight to keep players' feet feeling light throughout their drills for quicker transitions from one move to another. Practice cleats typically have rubber soles with minimal treading for this same reason. They also provide only minimal protection during practice sessions.

  • Turf Shoes 

These are usually constructed of leather, which helps prevent injury during practice, but the cleated bottom provided little traction on turf surfaces. Footwear designed specifically for football players usually does not have studs or metal blades for traction purposes. Instead, they are made with a plastic sole (such as KO soccer cleats) to give the player added cushioning and grippy ability on the ground while performing drills. Players choose turf shoes because they provide more durability and grip than practice cleats; however, they are not designed to hold up to the hard-hitting moves of football players.

  1. Elastic Shorts

When it comes to accessories for soccer players, this should be at the top of the list and no excuses will work. Elastic shorts can be made of various materials like nylon and spandex and the material also depends on how you play or run. A lot of soccer players prefer using elastic shorts with a high level of elasticity because they make your movement more fluid and cushioning as it has a snug fit on your legs. 

  1. Ankle Tape

If you have a shell for your feet, then the elastic tape is the ultimate accessory for you to protect your ankles from chafing and rubbing as well as from any kind of injuries. You would not want to go through scarring on your skin because it will hinder the natural movement of your feet. There are lots of brands of ankle tape available in the market today but one thing that you should look for is the quality so as to ensure that it lasts for ages.

Benefits of Using Ankle Tape

You can utilize ankle tape to reduce pain and swelling from multiple types of injuries. Ankle tape may be used as a bandage or a compression wrap, but it can also be used to secure the foot in place while stabilizing the ankle. Ankle tapes are best used by people with weakened ankles, other lower extremity injuries, or knee instability.

The benefits include reducing pain and swelling from other types of injuries, adding pressure to an injured area to help control bleeding or other fluid loss, increasing stability while walking (especially for people with weaker legs), providing support while standing for increased comfort, and weight-bearing abilities (especially for people with weak legs), and reducing motion at the joints.

  1. Grip Socks

When playing soccer, you will have to deal with physical impact when trying to stop the ball. Socks are made in different types to cater to the needs of different types of players. Sometimes when you are running you can end up rubbing your skin or having soreness in the bottom of your feet because of sweat that transfers into your shoes. Stick to porous sock materials so it doesn't have the tendency of transmitting moisture to your hands and feet by absorbing it through its pores so no extra sweat will accumulate which can be annoying.

Whenever you play soccer, you will have to constantly tackle people in different directions and it's important to be able to maintain a good grip on the ball. The grip sock is a compression sleeve that you can put on your feet to provide extra support and traction. You can choose from the variety of materials that grip socks are made of such as cotton and spandex. Let us just say that if you're looking for a product that is both comfortable to use and durable, go for grip socks that are padded and come with additional grip. 

If you’re a long-time soccer player, then you know that your socks can make all the difference in your performance. The right sock will keep your feet dry and blister-free, and make it easier to turn and move quickly.

If you’re a long-time soccer player, then you know that your socks can make all the difference in your performance. The right sock will keep your feet dry and blister-free, and make it easier to turn and move quickly. 

Grippy Sports Premium Non-slip Grip Socks

We highly recommend using Grippy Sports Premium Non-slip Grip Socks. Unlike other options on the market, these socks offer a non-slip bottom to help grip wet grass or turf while you play. We find that these socks don’t just stop at prevention—they also provide additional padding for comfort, which means fewer blisters and calluses. The following features make these socks better than any other alternatives. 

  • Non-Slip rubber pads

Not only will these socks help you play better, but they also look great. They come in bold rubber pads. They'll go perfectly with your favorite pair of soccer cleats. These socks are designed to be worn inside your soccer cleats or any gym shoes, running shoes, or boots. These rubber pads help prevent slipping and eliminate the need to wear a second pair of socks. Grippy Sports Premium Non-slip Grip Socks have a non-slip bottom, which helps prevent slipping in wet grass or turf. You may not realize the benefits of this until you start playing in them. They keep you from getting blisters and they help keep your feet dry when it's raining or snowing. They also provide additional padding for comfort, which means fewer calluses and blisters. We find that these socks don't just stop at prevention—they also provide additional padding for comfort, which means fewer calluses and blisters

  • Thickened sole

Grippy Sports Premium Non-slip Grip Socks have a thickened sole. This helps prevent slipping and is really good for your soccer cleats, your gym shoes, running shoes, or boots. They'll help with traction and help you avoid getting blisters and calluses. They'll also help you feel safer on the field as they'll give you a better grip when playing on wet turf or grass. These socks are not only comfortable but they really look good as well. Grippy Sports Premium Non-slip Grip Socks come in a variety of styles to match any style of clothing for boys and girls.

  • Anti-Blister Technology

Grippy Sports Premium Non-slip Grip Socks are anti-blister. They’ll keep your feet dry and blister-free while you play. You may not realize the benefits of this until you start playing in them, but they keep you from getting blisters, help keep your feet dry when it is raining or snowing, and provide additional padding for comfort, which means fewer calluses and blisters. We find that these socks don’t just stop at prevention—they also provide additional padding for comfort, which means fewer calluses and blisters

  1. Water Bottle

Just like in any other sport, when you play soccer, water is your best friend. It helps in keeping your body well hydrated so it can perform at its peak performance level during matches - this also means that water will help in keeping you healthy throughout the game by ridding your system of excess dried sweat. Having a water bottle or two will keep you well-hydrated throughout the game so it's one accessory every soccer player must have.

  1. Sports Recovery Drink

If participating in sports becomes a part of your daily routine then it's good to keep a bottle of sports recovery drinks for you to quench out all your thirst during and after sports. It provides all the needed nutrients for you to perform at your best during sports so you will stay in good shape. 

  1. Waterproof Bag

A waterproof bag allows you to carry a number of things with you while playing soccer, and these items include your water bottle, sports recovery drink, equipment, etc. The bag must be waterproof so it can protect the objects from being wet from any accidental spillage. Another advantage of using a waterproof bag is that this enables you to carry other things that you also need while playing soccer such as a phone or keys.

  1. Insoles

Any athlete looking for proper support in their shoes should have insoles. These allow the foot to conform to the shape of the shoe mold so it can provide proper movement and support through every step taken by the athlete. There are many types of insoles including those that are made with gel, those that are as shock-absorbing as those that can help correct your posture as you play.

How to Buy the Right Football Accessories 

There are a number of factors that you need to consider before making a purchase for any of the soccer or football accessories, these factors include:

Material For The Design

Choose a design that is right for the use you intend to make out of it. In most cases, the material used has an impact on the functionality and comfort level in which it can offer. 


Brands have different specifications and offer their functionalities in different ways which vary depending on their range and types of products they produce. When buying from branded companies, you can be sure that they will deliver their product with quality assurance. This is the reason you will find their products cheaper than others. 


If you need something that can be worn in different matches, then the best thing is to make sure that the product you are buying will not be too heavy to support your needs. It should always be light when compared with accessories. 


The best way to have the right size is to have the shoe you are using now. Make sure you measure the length of your feet and compare them to the one on display. You can also try fitting them before purchasing or purchase a size higher or lower depending on your needs. 


This is essential because it will help you know if you are well within your budget, if not make adjustments before making a purchase.



Football, soccer, or whatever you call it is a widely played sport. There are many accessories that must be used to get the best experience from the game. The above-reviewed accessories should be included in your shopping list whenever you prepare to step out on the field. This will ensure that you always have everything that you need to avoid getting injured, keep your body healthy, and play better. If you're a beginner looking for a quality soccer ball for your child, then there is no need to upgrade too quickly or even buy what's recommended at all. You should start with something basic and maybe even cheap, but still good enough for training purposes.

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