How to Tape Your Football Grip Socks with Football Sock Tape from SPORTTAPE

How to Tape Your Football Grip Socks

So you've made the decision to stock up on grip socks (or you're at least looking into it) to improve the way you play football. That's great, but do you know how to wear them properly? Well either way, read on.

So firstly, you need to make sure you've got the right kit. You will probably have most of it, but we'll list it for you anyway:

  • Football grip socks
  • Shin pads & sleeves
  • Cut-off football socks
  • Football sock tape
  • Football boots

Step one: put on your football grip socks

The first step of getting ready for your game is to put on the grip socks themselves. These are just worn as normal socks, before anything else. These are the foundation of your kit.

Step two: put on your shin pads and hold them in place with shin pad sleeves

Next you must wear your shin pads for protection. You have to wear them by the laws of the game so again, they are essential. These go just above your grip socks and are usually kept in place by a shin pad sleeve which should shin just above your grip socks.

Step three: slip your football cut off socks over the top

Your football socks then go over the top of your shin pads and should sit between your grip socks (slightly over-lapping) and just below your knee. Some players like to have them covering the knee, others fold them down slightly - each to their own.

You can use pre-cut football sock sleeves or simply just cut the foot off your kit's socks. It really depends if the gaffer will let you or not!

Step four: apply tape to your socks

The last step of socking-up is to tape your socks. This keeps the socks in place as well as your shin pads. According to the FA rules, your sock tape must be the same colour as your kit's socks. So if you wear red football socks, you should use red football sock tape.

The types of tape used by players is usually one of two: PVC football sock tape or sock wrap which is more of a stretchy-bandage which sticks to itself. Which one you use is really up to you. We stock both types of football sock tape in a variety of colours so feel free to stock up. We also offer a subscription service where we deliver them however often you think you'll need them because once your teammates see the tape come out your bag... it will be passed around the changing rooms and there won't be much left by the time kick off comes around!

Step five: get your boots on and start balling

Last step, stick your boots on... game on! (psst... you can find a discount code here!)

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