4 Things Every Football Referee Needs

4 Things Every Football Referee Needs

Referees are often overlooked in a football match, but no game can go ahead without them. Although they are sometimes not the most popular face on the pitch, they control a lot of what happens in 90 minutes and their performance is just as important as the players, so it's important they are equip for the game!

The Ref Stop keeps referees and their assistants kitted out with the correct kit, equipment and accessories they need to officiate a game at any level. Here are some of the must-haves for any referee.

1. Casio Classic Watch

Casio Retro Black Sports Watch for Football Referees

Old but gold. The iconic Casio Retro watch is probably the most common/popular watch when it comes to football referees. It's simple but effective. It features a simple digital display, 100th second stopwatch, countdown timer and a backlight for those dark mid-week games in the evening.

It has everything a referee needs to run a game and costs just £14.99.


2. Buzzer Linesman Flags

assistant referees lineman buzzer flags kit

The game has adapted, and so has refereeing equipment. Football technology has evolved in recent years, even in the lower levels of the football pyramid. Gone are the days where the lineman would be stood waving his flag for minutes before the referee notices there's a player offside. Communicating incidents between the referee and the linemen early can avoid matchplay continuing and leading to unnecessary injuries, wasted time and most commonly... unwanted abuse from players!

The Ref Stop's assistant referees buzzer flags kit includes a pair of flags, a carry case, batteries, screwdriver, manual and a referee buzzer and strap to alert the referee when the linesman needs them.

A worthwhile investment for any official.


3. Match Record Cards

Referee match record cards 50 pack

Keeping on top of goals, bookings, substitutions and other incidents throughout the game is essential for the referee. It would be difficult to recall each event after 90 minutes for the end of match report.

The Ref Stop's referee match record cards 50 pack is perfect. They last a full season for most referees and have everything you need to fill out during a game.


4. Black Grip Socks

Black football grip socks

Football grip socks aren't just for players! Referees also have to make short, sharp movements and sprint while changing direction to keep up with play. Black grip socks are perfect as they match the black referee kit and still look professional.

Other benefits of wearing grip socks include avoiding blisters, increasing comfort, increased sprint speed and injury risk reduction.


Visit The Ref Stop to check out their range of referee kit and equipment, from Nike training and match day kit to whistle and assistant referee flags!

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